What if you could Sell or Trade Promotions on your Instagram Page and do this Consistently and safe?


What if you could Purchase Proven, Quality Promotions for your Brand at an affordable price?

Your Charisma Presents:


Official Launch – 10-01-2019!

YrInfluence: The #1 Instagram Influencer Marketplace where question and demand regarding Instagram promotions meet.

  • Search for the right Influencer in our Influencer Area¬†
  • Product Marketplace (Create product/page promotion Campaigns for Influencers)
  • Api Integration (Influencers, connect your Instagram account through our platform)
  • Choose your payment method (Money, promotions for promotions, S4S, Free products)
  • 100% Transparent rating process
  • 100% Risk Free Sales (Monitored process)
  • 1000s of Influencers & Brands together in one online space looking for the perfect fit

YrInfluence Official Launch








What is YrInfluence?

YrInfluence is an Influencer Marketplace where question and demand regarding Instagram promotions meet.

Who does the platform serve?

This platform is created for brands that want to increase the reach of their business using Influencer marketing. On the other hand the platform is a monetization channel for Influencers that want to earn money selling promotions to brands.

What will the Platform bring?

Product Marketplace

There will be a special marketplace where brands, businesses or page owners can upload products or Instagram pages they want to have promoted (Jobs). Influencers within that niche can scout for products/pages they want to promote and get in contact with the brand or page owner through the platform to increase their influencer sales.

Influencer Area

There will be an area where brands that are looking for promotions can search for Influencers within their niche, price range, location or taste. The Influencer accounts will be connected to our Platform through Instagram API. Search criteria for Influencers will be:

  • Amount of Followers
  • Engagement rate
  • Overall Score (5 Stars) (Rated by users after completed campaigns)
  • Country
  • Niche
  • Pricing
  • Keywords

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